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BirdZerk! has captivated audiences, young and old, large or small,
​no ​matter where he goes!

But don’t just take our word for it!

Check out what the clients and fans have had to say following his

"BirdZerk! has been a part of our promotional schedule for many years. Why? The routines are funny! They see to it that the old favorites are mixed with newer routines to keep the show fresh and timely. Children and adults alike love it. The BirdZerk! crew is professional and know their craft leaving no guesswork in the game presentation. They go out of their way to make sure the fan AND the client are satisfied. The best in the biz!"
- Rome Braves

​​"Birdzerk always has the crowd eating out of his hands! Dogzerk was a big hit!"
- Harrisburg Senators

​​"Fireflies fans loved having BirdZerk! at Spirit Communications Park!"
- Columbia Fireflies

​​​"The guys were great as always and the fans once again really
​enjoyed the show. We ended up selling out that night and it was
​perfect weather for baseball. Looking forward to having ZOOperstars!
​and BBoy out later this season."
- Birmingham Barons

​​“BirdZerk! helped maintain our new reputation as THE place to be for
​Family Fun and entertainment in Tulsa. Our fans were enthralled
​with the show ​ and from a logistical standpoint, we could have not
asked for anything more.”
- Tulsa Drillers

“Very well organized. You make it easy for us. BirdZerk! always puts on a great show! Thanks for the hard work!”
- Mark Galuska, Columbus Clippers

“Thanks for always putting on a great show for us. It is always a pleasure to work with you guys!”
- Albuquerque Isotopes

“The BirdZerk! appearance was top notch!”
- Peoria Chiefs

​​“Bring in BirdZerk! to keep your show fresh…your fans will love it!”
- Northwest Arkansas Naturals

“Birdzerk is one of the best acts we have pass through our gates which is why we try and schedule them for our biggest events and weekends! The guys are easy to work with and very fun!”
- Omaha Royals

“BirdZerk! provides high energy, fun, unique entertainment that fans of all ages can enjoy!”
- Greeneville Astros

“BirdZerk! is a fan favorite. A fan told me, “They’re worth every penny!”
- Greenville Drive

“With all the acts in sports, BirdZerk! is one of the best. He puts on a great show that our fans appreciate and enjoy!”
- La Crosse Loggers

“The fans loved it. Every day we receive calls asking if the ‘Bird’ will be here every Friday!!!”
- Carolina Mudcats

“If only every mascot act we bring in could get a round of applause after each skit! BirdZerk! is funny, creative, and most importantly, fan interactive! The staff thought you were easy to work with.”
- Matt Person, Colorado Springs Sky Sox

“I had professional baseball players telling me how much they loved the BirdZerk! appearance! Everyone stops to take notice when BirdZerk! performs.”
- Jennifer Smoral, Portland Beavers

“It was the first time we have seen BirdZerk! What a great performance! We laughed so hard.”
- Stacy Leach, St. Lucie Mets fan

“Our fans had a blast at the game on Saturday, you guys rocked the house! We've had a lot of positive feedback!”
- Chris Mundhenk, Great Lakes Loons

“Makes everyone laugh, not just the kids!”
- Lexington Legends

“BirdZerk! grabs you by the feathers and has you rolling the whole time!”
- Inland Empire 66’ers

“When BirdZerk! comes we know our fans will be entertained!”
- Nate Welch ---Sioux Falls Canaries

“BirdZerk! was a huge hit with our fans! The unexpected kept the fans on the edge of their seats and watching for more!”
- La Crosse Loggers

“BirdZerk! remains one of the best acts for our fans year in, year out.”
- Huntsville Stars

“BirdZerk! never ceases to entertain fans. He adds a fun environment that people can’t help but get involved”
- Albuquerque Isotopes

“Once again BirdZerk! was a great act to bring to our fans.”
- Wilmington Blue Rocks

“BirdZerk! is aimed at all ages and keeps the entire audience entertained. It was great to get to hang out behind the scenes with the guys and see how everything happens. Very friendly! Can’t wait until next year!”
- Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

“BirdZerk! differs from other acts with more creative characters, skits, etc. Keep up the great work! You guys are great!”
- Fresno Grizzlies

“BirdZerk! added the extra ‘Hot Sauce’ to our Basketball Wingfest”
- University at Buffalo

“BirdZerk! and his crazy antics are always entertaining to the fans and staff as well. We’ve had the BirdZerk! crew to Jack Russell Stadium every year. They are extremely professional and provide an outstanding family entertainment package. We look forward to his visit every year!”
- Clearwater Threshers

“BirdZerk!’s appearance is one or our most popular nights of the season. Not only do they provide excellent on-field entertainment, but they go the extra mile to personally interact with each fan who approaches them. On a professional level, the personnel is a pleasure to work with.”
- Columbus Clippers

“BirdZerk! is quality family entertainment for all ages. I’ve seen the show many times and it still makes me laugh! I love hearing the roar of the crowd during every skit!”
- Lake County Captains

“The audience finds your skits more entertaining than other acts. They especially enjoy the interaction with the players and umpires.”
- Lexington Legends

“BirdZerk! was great in his first appearance at AutoZone Park. He is obviously the best bird in the business!”
- Memphis Redbirds

“A very high energy act that is fun and easy to work with! Dominic and his gang are real pros!”
- Round Rock Express

“You can’t go wrong with this guy! It was my first time seeing BirdZerk! and I believe every team should throw him into their promotional schedule! You will not be disappointed!”
- Hudson Valley Renegades

“One of the best shows in all of professional sports!”
- Clinton Lumberkings